Designing a New Educational Building


Knowing where to start can sometimes be difficult. There is a wealth of guidance and information available which can lead to information overload and too many design options can make a situation overcomplicated.  

If you are about to embark on this design and build journey, you don’t have to do it on your own. Modulek work with Independent Schools to simplify and smooth the design and build process, from start to finish.

From the moment a new building has been identified as a need, we work with you to guide you through the feasibility and design stages that will successfully result in a building that is not only fit for today but will also serve the needs of the next generation of pupils.

It all starts by meeting your team in your setting. Interpreting your vision for the future involves experiencing your present and appreciating your past. We refer to this as our 360-degree approach. Collecting environmental information on your site and combining this with your educational values enables us to design a building from a blank canvas that truly reflects your heritage and symbolises your future.  

The building design process is what sets us apart from others in the market. Unlike many other MMC manufacturers and suppliers, we see the design as one of the most important elements of your construction project. All buildings are functional, but at Modulek we believe that the aesthetic appearance of your building is what truly makes it unique to your setting.

Our directors are renowned for understanding your vision from the initial concept stage. As a company it is our primary objective that our educational clients only receive from us concept design imagery that reflects not only estate heritage but incorporates the future and aligns with estate aspirations, all within budget.

Our in-house architectural designers are highly qualified and experts in their field. Experienced in conceptualising vision they also blend with existing or modern architectural design, which ensures that your building is welcomed into your setting.

We offer this free design facility to all our educational clients. It is a feature that previous and existing clients have fed back to us that has saved them thousands of pounds from their project budget. With our in-house facility there is no requirement to appoint an architect. The savings from this aspect of the project have enabled our clients to divert this allocation of fees to other areas of the site. Car parking areas or landscaping; areas we have been told would have to have been carried out separately, after the project had been completed.

Our company philosophy is simple and is shared across the whole team: – 

‘To provide the highest level of bespoke architectural design; that our buildings exceed all expectations, and we deliver within budget’.


The design of a building is very important, it showcases identity, heritage, and aspirations. In my role, I focus on crafting buildings that not only reflect these values but also excel in functionality, sustainability, and overall performance. I’m committed to creating spaces that blend with their surroundings, meet user needs, and make a positive impact on the community and the environment.

                                              — Sepideh Shahlazadeh, Modulek Architectural Designer 

If you have a project that is in concept stage, and you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us on 01202 813121 or email [email protected]

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