Bursars – You are not alone!

Taking on the responsibility of a new build construction project is a daunting task.

With high expectations from parents, governors, staff, and pupils, the role of overseeing the project may feel uncomfortable.

To start the project, the first task will be to find a big table; there are a lot of people who will want to sit at it.

On one side there be your team of representatives from your setting. The vision from the Head, who has the responsibility to provide the best environment for existing and new pupils. The aspirations from teachers who will be using the new building, the Governors who will be overseeing decisions, the estate management team who will have practical input and of course your team who are implementing this part of estate strategy and closely monitoring and balancing costs.

On the other side, there could be:

  • An external consultant who is there in an advisory role, an architect who will conceptualise the vision, potentially a planning or environmental officer who may offer information and insights on your site planning requirements.
  • A construction company representative who will be responsible for the build method that will deliver on the architectural specification.
  • Engineers who will be tasked with completing land and environmental surveys, to inform the groundworks contractor on the foundation design.
  • Sustainability experts to ensure that the ESG elements are included within the project and potentially other subcontractors who will be responsible for the second and third fixings and landscaping.
  • You may even have residents and estate neighbours who want to ensure that their concerns are heard.

This is the reality of a new build construction project, and each participant has an important part to play. Your role will likely take on the responsibility of first point of contact, overseeing the project expenditure and contractual issues as and when they arise.

If this sounds how you imagined the process to be and is making you feel uncomfortable, you are not alone – but there is another way.

There are specialist construction companies working within the educational sector that will take on the complete design and build process for you. With just one contract required, the process is simplified, and the multiple contractual and invoicing headaches disappear. This helps stabilise cashflow, eliminate risks with subcontractors and most importantly allow you and your school to enjoy the experience.



At Modulek we take pride in being one of the few specialist construction companies working within the independent educational sector. Our family run business has a wealth of experience with working with independent schools; from designing and delivering nursery and pre-prep schools, specialist teaching blocks right through to 6th form buildings.

Our multidisciplinary team are headed up personally by a company director, who will remain your main contact throughout the whole process, from initial enquiry stage through to handover of the building.

Within our team, we have highly experienced architectural concept designers who bring to life the building. Our procurement team make sure that the project supply chain delivers on quality and value for money. Our in-house team of design and contracts managers ensure that drawing specifications are met on site and that the delivery and installation process is seamless. They work hand in hand with our site managers who work to the highest operational standards to give complete peace of mind on site to our clients.

Modulek directors are different, as they have extensive experience of both traditional and modular construction. Answering the question, can our building be ready by the start of term, Modulek developed a hybrid method fusing the two construction methods together. The result being speed of delivery along with multiple options for external finishings.

The combination of both construction methods and the multidisciplinary team is what makes Modulek a highly recommended design and build specialist.
Call us on 01202 813121 or visit our website www.modulek.co.uk for more information.


“It was a partnership, with clear and constant communication. The success of the project appeared to matter as much to them as it did to us.”

– Tracy Caveney, Bursar – Moon Hall School

Call us on 01202 813121 for more information.

Originally published in Independent Schools Management Plus Autumn issue.

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