Is Modular Construction Sustainable?


Using modern methods of construction has been proven to be more sustainable than counterpart traditional build methods.

70% of MMC build work occurs off-site in a controlled factory setting. This enables modular construction to reduce carbon emissions in several ways. Key aspects include the design process, speed of construction, and the reduction of waste materials. It also ensures there are fewer visits to and from sites. 


1. Design

At Modulek, our designers work with you to ensure your building is as energy efficient as possible. With a common pain point for our clients being how to heat the building, we look at options during the early stages, to ensure the most sustainable and cost-efficient solutions are adopted. MMC can offer solutions through insulation or renewable technology. We strive to design the most sustainable solutions possible, providing a variety of options including; air source pumps, photovoltaic panels, and SMART building management systems. Whatever suits you best, we will ensure the highest levels of sustainability are incorporated.


2. Speed

Modern methods of construction are proven to be 50% faster than a traditional build approach, as 70 % of modular construction happens off-site. Such an increase in construction speed also improves sustainability, as there is far less disturbance to the natural environment. With construction happening in a factory-controlled environment, rigorous timeframes are adhered to. This sees a reduction in energy use as less time is spent on production. 

3. Waste 

Waste is kept minimal in modular construction due to standardised design and precision engineering. On a traditional construction site, raw materials are very much part of a site, being adapted and put in place during the construction process. Such on-site construction can have a detrimental effect on the natural landscape. It also facilitates an increase in waste as off-cuts and surplus materials are a common theme. With 70% of all construction taking place off-site, MMC ensures a tidier and more sustainable live site, with machine operations also minimised. 


4. Transportation


Transportation and Delivery
Transportation and Delivery


Access to the site is kept minimal in MMC. With whole modules delivered on-site, our operations team works with you to ensure minimal disruption and the most sustainable transportation of your building. 

Such reduced transportation reduces carbon emissions through the reduction of air pollutants. Noise pollution is also minimised in comparison to a traditional building approach. With such a reduced time frame on site many of the schools we work with see this as a major benefit of MMC. 


5. Accreditation 


Modulek’s unique hybrid construction method offers a sustainable construction approach. We maintain all controlled quality and environmental procedures and can also fulfill BREEAM accreditation on building projects. We are also working on designs to meet Passive House standards. Passive House allows for self-regulated heating to reduce carbon. It cuts a building’s energy costs by improving its thermal efficiency. 


If you would like to find out more about how Modulek can help plan your build sustainably. Call 01202 029993 or email [email protected] to book a free consultation with one of our directors.

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