Buildings for Education

Are you looking for a school building that is affordable, high quality and can be delivered quickly?

Here at Modulek, we have revolutionised the school building industry with our modular classroom designs. Using the latest designs that utilise the latest steel frame technologies available, our modular classrooms will last up to 60 years!

We construct every building in our dedicated factory which minimises disruption to your school, and your students. We are never hampered by bad weather, so you can be assured that your building will be delivered on time, project deadlines will be met, and costs will be kept to a minimum, whilst protecting the environment at the same time!

Aspects of our Modulek School building

Modulek School building

We have utilised a variety of energy-saving features to make our modular classrooms the best on the market.

Double glazed windows – these windows will reduce heat loss inside your new classroom. They also help your school save money on heating bill as the hot air is kept inside.

Insulation – all classrooms are equipped with high-performance insulation which is applied to the floors, roofs and walls.
Heat/Cool air conditioning – our air conditioning system pumps are triple A rated for superb energy efficiency. Airflow distribution in the property will be comfortable and sleek.
Steel framed structure – this is one of the strongest structures on the market and has an estimated 60 year design life.
Recessed LED lighting – this is a low-maintenance solution that is more energy-efficient and brighter for the classroom.
Photovoltaic panels – these are placed on the building and help to harvest daylight to save money.

Air source heat pump – this is the latest energy saving technology on the market and supplies water heating.
External timber cladding from a sustainable source – heat treated Thermowood giving a 30 year maintenance free design life.
Costing you as little as 95p per day in running costs for a single classroom.

Quality construction

As a company, we pride ourselves on offering schools the fastest delivery date on the market from design to installation. We use the latest technologies along with quality control procedures which ensure that your new eco classroom is built to the highest standards and meets building regulations. All work will be completed in our controlled environment.

We employ precise control methods which allow us to provide schools with a quality that is unsurpassed. Our work has been assessed by the URS and is compliant with the ISO 9001/2008 and is UKAS certified.

Our team are highly trained to carry out your design requirements, and each member of staff is in possession of CSCS cards. We ensure that health and safety is rigorously adhered to by all members of staff for the duration of your project.

Other uses for our Modulek School buildings

In addition to supplying the best modular school buildings, we are able to supply the following solutions for schools:

Eco Classroom Modulek

Changing rooms
Storage closets
Toilet facilities and much more

Modulek Eco Classroom

Modulek Eco Classrooms

If you’re looking to create the perfect eco classroom; one that combines quality and functionality with low running costs, look no further than Modulek. What sets these buildings apart from similar structures are the intuitive features that are built directly into the design. Our eco classrooms are built with a steel framed structure ensuring a lifecycle of up to 60 years. Over the top you will find external heat treated Thermowood timber cladding that has a 30 year maintenance free design life.
Every eco classroom comes with double glazed windows fitted as standard. We also incorporate high-performance insulation into the walls, floor and roof which will drive down your heating bills and ensure a comfortable internal temperature all year around. Next, we fit all of our modular eco classrooms with state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels and air source heat pumps.
The panels harvest daylight in order to fulfil your energy requirements, and the heat pump will ensure that you never run out of hot water. Plus, every air conditioning system we install comes with triple-A rated electric heat pumps. This ensures greater energy efficiency and a more comfortable airflow for both teachers and students. Finally, our eco classrooms feature the very latest in recessed LED lighting.
Thanks to the combined benefit of these enhancements, our eco classrooms are all A* Rated Energy Performance Certified. In fact, our eco classrooms could cost you as little as 95p per day to run! So, if you’re in the market for a new eco classroom, call Modulek today – we could have your project completed, delivered and installed in just a few weeks.

Applicable for CIF funding

If you are applying for CIF funding, many applicants find they achieve success with funding when they choose a Modulek eco classroom.

We also offer a great alternative to the CIF, please click here to find out more information about the My Modulek School Operating Lease.