Sports Facilities for Schools

Sports Facilities for Schools

Inspiring the next generation of sportsmen and sportswomen…

…inspire with next generation facilities!

With the World Cup, Wimbledon and many other sporting events currently on, have you considered how your school is going to inspire the next Wayne Rooney or Serena Williams?

The sun is shining, and now is the time for schools to consider how they are going to use their latest investment from financial supporters, local authorities and school fundraising events…have you contemplated using the money to create a state-of-the-art changing room, training centre or sports pavilion, so that your pupils will be in their very own league, when it comes to sport lessons?

You may be wondering how you are going to create that ideal sports facility that you have always wanted on a tight budget, with tight deadlines…why not choose modular for your new building?

Modular or not Modular ?…a very big question… a lot of people often ask, how is modular going to benefit my project?

First and foremost, you can achieve a high-quality end product, in a very short space of time.  Your new sports facility will be constructed off-site, in a factory, controlled environment, allowing us to complete the project in a matter of weeks, as groundworks can run alongside building production. By using modular methods of construction, your sports facility is up and running much faster than when you use traditional construction methods, typically saving you many months and allowing you to reap the rewards of an awesome building that much sooner…!

Based in the countryside, and want a building to subtlety blend in with the existing environments? Have school colours that you want to match? None of this is a problem when you choose modular! With a wide range of materials and colours from wooden cladding, to traditional brick skin, to an urban contemporary shade, the choice is yours!

Internally, you can opt for a more traditional changing room or sports facility layout, or you can utilise the latest technology, to improve your young players performance. Why not make your building yours and create a dream building!

Concerned about the impact that you may have on the environment? Have no fear! Modular buildings can be eco-friendly and very sustainable for so many different reasons. The reduced construction time results in effective use of energy and resources, and to top it all, very little construction waste.  Products can be either reused or recycled, to make the building have less of an impact of the environment. And, finally, one of the biggest but little-known advantages of modular buildings is that they themselves are reusable. You can take a building down just as quickly as you put up, and move it to a location of your choice. You can also add items such as solar panel technology to make your building even more environmentally friendly!

Have you got very specific requirements? Don’t worry, our design and build service will make sure that your building meets all your needs. From cladding, to canopies, to shower rooms to storage to heating and accessibility features, your building will be like no other- your building will be truly unique!

So think no further, and choose modular for your next sports facility…

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