School Expansion

The Local Authority has a duty, set out in the Education Act 1996, to ensure that there are sufficient school places for children who live within its area

Schools are increasingly under pressure to accommodate growing numbers of pupils due to a multitude of reasons, including high birth rates, migration, and the implementation of new qualifications within schools such as the upcoming T – Levels. 

School expansion is needed across the country to accommodate increasing rates of enrolment and to ensure adequate provision is in place.


The School Expansion Process

With schools faced with limited time scales, and a need to implement school renovation ideas as soon as possible, frustrations can occur when navigating through a traditional build process. Planning for a school expansion is a lengthy process, and there are many obstacles to overcome. 

At Modulek, we offer a full turnkey service including full planning, design, and compliance with Building Regulations from groundwork through to delivery and build. In this post we explain how Modulek can help you and your school at each stage, from planning and funding to final construction.


School Expansion Proposals

Starting with an assessment of your specific needs, Modulek will look at the school expansion feasibility, offering a free professional site survey at enquiry stage. A full concept design service will then be provided taking into consideration your school renovation ideas, producing 3D visuals at the earliest stage. Designs remain flexible to ensure you get exactly what you want from your project. 


Planning Permission

With time mismanagement a key concern for schools, Modulek ensure for rigorous planning to ensure a project goes smoothly and runs to timescales. With a 100% planning application success rate, we liaise with your Local Authority from the start, right through to the planning consent stage to ensure your project can get off the ground as early as possible. 

We provide all the following aspects of your planning application to ensure your project gains approval:

  • Establishment of need to scope the requirements
  • Feasibility appraisal to ensure the solution is affordable
  • Concept Design including site plans, floorplans, elevations, 3D visuals
  • Site surveys including ground surveys, topographical surveys and ecological surveys
  • Specialist Reports including energy assessments. Archaeological/geological research
  • Detailed design including drainage infrastructure
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Planning Applications
  • Building Regulations Applications

Quality school buildings at double-speed

A modular building can be ready for use in half the time of a traditional build


Modulek’s Project Management Team ensure all the components are put in place for a successful school expansion, whether that be the installation of a new classroom block or new resources for staff working within the school. 

With you throughout the whole process, our team incorporate all aspects such as demolitions, foundations, building manufacture, installation, finishing, fit out and service connections. 

Choosing modular construction for school expansion allows for minimal disruption. Our experienced team are adept at operating on live sites, such as schools, where project management teams liaise closely with education members to follow schedules that ensure for continued productivity, while maintaining a safe working environment

With the manufacturing taking place off site in a UK factory, our projects are not held up by external issues such as supply issues, delivery logistics or bad weather. Whilst your building is being manufactured, groundwork commences, ensuring a seamless timeline of groundworks being completed when your building is ready to be delivered. for all. 

Design Process

Whether you are planning for a grammar school expansion, a charter school expansion, or to meet the specific needs of a specialist provision, our personalised design process will be tailored to fit your unique requirements.

From open-plan spaces to multi-storey buildings that accommodate different departments, your needs are at the forefront of our design process. Our expert in house team can operate with external consultants or as Principal Designers on your project, providing sole responsibility for the design, development, and implementation of statutory duties under current CDM regulations. 


Funding for School Expansion

When considering school expansion, budget and finances can sometimes feel like a daunting task. One option to consider is The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF). 


What is CIF? 

The condition improvement fund (CIF) offers eligible academies, 6th Form Colleges and voluntary aided schools the opportunity to bid for capital to address building provision needs.

CIF supports some expansion projects for academies and 6th Form Colleges that are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, if they can show that they require more space to meet demand. 

The annual application deadline for new applicants is December, with the deadline for submitting applications being January. 

More information about your school’s eligibility can be found on the Department for Education’s site:

Provide external link? Condition Improvement Fund – GOV.UK (

As experienced consultants, Modulek has experience navigating the CIF bid process and are able to help guide you through the process, giving you the best chance for a successful application. 

Our team of Directors and design and construction experts can help with vital elements such as concept design, budget costs, and construction drawings. 

We also work with appointed CIF consultants on proposals for successful CIF applications. 

Fred Longworth Video Interview

A successfully completed school building funded by CIF.

With years of experience and a wealth of successful applications processed, we understand what is required for your bid to be within every chance of being approved and for you to gain the school provision you require. 

To ensure your bid stands the best chance of success, and for help navigating the CIF bid process, please get in touch with Modulek’s experienced team of directors to ensure your application meets the highest quality and detail.

If you’re looking to expand your school’s provision and don’t know how to start the process, Modulek are here to guide you through.

Get in touch with one of our experienced Directors today, and start your school’s expanded future. 

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