Coventry City F.C.

Coventry City F.C.

mf7Client: Coventry City F.C.
Project:  First team Changing Rooms
Completed: February 2020
Floor area: 63m²
Value: £150,000

Turnkey service elements completed:

  • Groundworks to include foundations,
  • Drainage and breakthrough to existing building.
  • Extending existing services from existing building to new building.
  • Manufacture
  • Installation and commissioning of new Modular extension.

Constructing new, state of the art training ground facilities without disrupting invaluable players training and the day to day running of the football club was something that Coventry City FC did not want to happen.

However, they knew that if their players were to be motivated to succeed, so that the team could reach the ultimate goal of being the top of League One. Coventry City FC knew that they must upgrade their existing changing facilities to ensure that their facility was brought up to the necessary standard, whilst giving the players the facilities they desired and needed for success!

The problem they faced was how to do this without causing major disruption at the club and lowering the morale of the team with long, ongoing ‘typical’ construction works.

This is where Modulek entered the story! Working with Coventry City FC  we came up with a construction solution for them that involved constructing the building 70% offsite away from the training ground. This meant the club could carry on with their day to day operations!

The project was completed within three weeks… If Coventry City FC had used traditional construction methods this would have taken at least 6 months! The final design and appearance of the Modulek building was very state of the art and impossible to tell that it had been constructed offsite. Building works included a full fit-out of custom, luxury, individual player changing pods, 70″ touch screen TV’s for training and after match footage analysis, along with a large open plan shower area.

Part of the works was to link the building to the existing building with a level floor and seamless entry…by utilising the very latest offsite construction methods, Coventry City FC had a new building delivered in the fraction of the time of traditional construction methods.

Once again, another happy Modulek client!